Member of the Year

Our 2021/22 Member of the Year - Brenton Ray

We would like to Congratulate Brenton Ray on winning our Member of the Year competition.

Brenton is a 15-year member who fell in love with our Club after he attended his first Melbourne Victory game in the Northern Terrace.

Since then, Brenton has been heavily involved with Melbourne Victory in both the Northern and Southern Terraces. Each year, Brenton attends almost every home game which demonstrates his loyalty and commitment.

We recently interviewed Brenton, you can find the article here.

Monthly Winners:

We would also like to recognise and thank our monthly winners and all other nominees from this season. The nominations we have received is a testament to the strength and loyalty of our members.

December - Alannah Englezakis

January - Isaac Haber

February - Brenton Ray

March - Michael Henderson

April - Emma Watson

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