Member Portal - Purchasing a Membership

Step 1 - Select Your Membership

On the home page, you can browse our various membership categories.

For each membership category, select 'READ MORE' to view inclusions, benefits, seating location, and cost.

Step 2 - Choosing Your Payment Option

Once you have decided on a membership category, select 'Join Now'.

Here, you can choose the specific membership type and your preferred payment method. In this example, we have selected a General Admission Adult membership paid in monthly instalments.

If you are purchasing a membership for more than one person, add their membership type to your cart by selecting 'ADD TO CART' on that membership type.

Click 'NEXT' at the bottom of the page when you are ready.

Step 3 - Log In

All members, both existing and new, must create an account before proceeding. For assistance in creating your account, please click here.

If you have already created your member account, select 'EXISTING MEMBER' and proceed to log in.

Step 4 - Payment

On the payment page, enter any promotion codes or specify any special requirements for your membership (companion, accessible seating, etc.).

At the bottom of the page, select 'PAY BY CREDIT CARD' to enter your payment details.

Step 5 - Enter the Member Details

If you are purchasing the membership for yourself only, tick the box 'This is the Primary Contact' to automatically fill in your details.

If you are purchasing memberships for others, please enter all personal details in the fields provided.

Step 6 - Confirmation

Once you have purchased the membership, you will be taken to the confirmation page displaying a message similar to the one below.

You will also receive confirmation and an invoice directly to your email address.