The Victory Grand Final Bus FAQ's

Yes, passengers will be able to leave their belongings on the bus, but it is advised to take any valuables with them.

Each bus is equipped with seat belts, reclining seats, USB chargers, climate control, luggage compartments, and an onboard toilet.

It is advisable to arrive for check-in 30 minutes before departure. Check-in will commence at 4:30am at Southern Cross Station Bus Terminal, 205 Spencer St, Docklands, VIC, 3000.

No, alcohol cannot be consumed on the bus.

Yes, you may consume food and drink on the bus. However, for the comfort and safety of all passengers, hot foods, hot drinks, and glass bottles are not permitted.

All coaches have TVs throughout the vehicle, where we will share some of the best Melbourne Victory content to ensure that time flies on the bus!

No. However, the bus driver will contact passengers if they are running late.

Please contact Melbourne Victory on 1300 466 832 or at if you have any questions about your booking.

Yes, if someone is 5-10 minutes late, the bus will wait for them. Anything more than 10 minutes will delay the service and could impact arrival time into Gosford. The driver has passengers' contact details, and he/she will phone passenger if they are running late. However, contacting 10 passengers per bus could be time-consuming and may delay the vehicle's departure to Gosford. We kindly ask you ensure you leave ample to arrive for check-in before The Bus departs at 5:00am sharp.

This also applies to the return trip from Gosford to Melbourne.

Unfortunately due to National Heavy Vehicle Law rest requirements, we are not able to leave earlier than 12am Midnight.