Member Ticket Exchange Program

Our Member Ticket Exchange program is back in the 2019/20 season.

If you’re a reserved seat member (Premium A, B or C) and can’t attend a game at AAMI Park, we encourage you to release your seats to someone else in the Victory community and help us fill the stadium with a sea of blue and white.

If your released seat sells, you will receive 50% of the public ticket price of the purchase – transferred directly to your credit card.

Why should I release my seat?

A stadium full of Melbourne Victory supporters is what creates an electric atmosphere. If you know you cannot attend a game, release your seat and help us fill AAMI Park.

How do I release my seat?


Call 1300 466 832

When will I find out that my seat has been sold?

The club will confirm via email with you only if your seat has been sold. The seat exchange process:

STEP 1 > Release Seat

STEP 2 > MVFC will provide confirmation via email

STEP 3 > Money will be reimbursed

How much money do I get back?

You will receive 50% of the published ticket price if your seat is sold.

How does the pricing work?

If you release a junior seat and it sells as an adult price, you will receive 50% of the adult price, however please understand the same also applies in the opposite scenario in an adult seat released and purchased by a junior

If I release my seat, do I automatically get money back?

No, releasing your seat is the first part. Once your seat has been released it then needs to be sold.

How do I get the money?

If your seat is successfully sold, you receive the funds via debit/credit card.

Can my friends purchase the seat I release?

Unfortunately not. Once you release your seat there is no way to track it and save it for your friends. This is currently being researched and will be a part of the next stage of development.

When do I have to release my seat to be eligible for it to be sold?

To maximise the chances of your released seat selling, the earlier the better. However the cut-off date to release your seat is three business days prior to the game.

I don’t have a credit card, what do I do?

All payments made are to be done via debit/credit card.

Can I release my seats for other games in advance?

Yes you can, simply visit and select the specific game or contact us on 1300 GO MVFC.

I have a family membership, can I just release my seat only?

Each member who holds a reserved seat at AAMI Park can individually release their seat for resale.

Can I release my seat for games at MARVEL Stadium?

No, the seat release is only available for games at AAMI Park.

I am a North/South End OR GENERAL ADMISSION member, can I release my seat?

No, this is only available for Premium A, B and C members.

Where does the other 50% of the ticket price go?

50% of the sale price is returned to you, the other 50% is distributed through Ticketek, AAMI Park and Melbourne Victory.

I am a Premium C-12 member, can I return my seat for sale?

Yes, you can return your seat to be sold for all games except for our Category A game. Your membership does not provide access to this game.