Melbourne Victory Membership Terms and Conditions

The completed membership application form (Form) and these terms (including any incorporated terms) form a valid, binding and enforceable legal agreement (Agreement) between the person named on the Form (you) and the Melbourne Victory Football Club ACN 111 441 868 (Club).

By ordering a membership of the Club you expressly agree to be bound by and comply with these terms, and all applicable laws and regulations.

  1. Purchase of Membership
    1. If you are successful in your application for membership, the Club will send you an acceptance letter confirming your membership and membership benefits.
    2. Club will not:
      1. process any Form which is incomplete; or
      2. accept any changes to the Form (except for change of Mailing Address which is your responsibility).
    3. Club reserves the right to not accept any Form in its absolute discretion.
  2. Membership Terms
    1. Upon the successful purchase for membership, Melbourne Victory Football Club (MVFC) will post a 2019/20 member fulfillment pack and membership card . The initial distribution of the 2019/20 membership packs will be sent from early September 2019.
    2. The Club will not process any form that is incomplete.
    3. MVFC reserves the right to not accept any application form in its absolute discretion and also reserves the right to suspend or cancel a membership without refund to any member that breaches these terms and conditions or, in the opinion of the Club’s board of directors, is guilty of conduct unbecoming of a member or prejudicial to the interests of the Club. A resolution may be considered in lieu of the membership cancellation which must be sent to the Club mailing address in writing within 7 days of receiving the cancellation advice.
    4. The membership card remains the property of MVFC. Membership cards may not be sold, exploited for commercial use, or used for promotional purposes or campaigns without the express written permission of MVFC.
    5. All MVFC home games are strictly subject to capacity for General Admission members. The Club has the right to advise General admission members the requirement to upgrade to a daily reserved seat in order to guarantee their entry to a venue. Ticketing agencies may charge a booking fee which is to be covered by the member. For all Category A game/s General Admission members are required to lock in a reserved seat through the Club free of charge during the clubs lock in window. If you miss the lock in period a ticket will have to be purchased through the relevant ticketing agency, Ticketek or Ticketmaster.
    6. The Club has the right to advise Premium C-12 do not have a reserved seat for all Category A game/s and all tickets for Category A game/s are to be purchased through Ticketek.
    7. Premium Reserved Seat members from 2018/19 season have priority to renew their current seat for the 2019/20 season until the published cut-off dates. After this date, reserved seats cannot be guaranteed. The exceptions to this guarantee are:
      a) Members that are seated within the Active Areas (North-End and South-End) whereby allocations are subject to the FFA’s terms and conditions of the Active Area and change in the arrangement of bays specified for the Active Areas. All allocations in these bays will be confirmed upon receipt of the membership card.
      b) Members who are part of group allocations are subject to seat re-arrangements if all the individuals within the group do not renew or the group has increased in members. The re- arrangements ensure that there are no spare seats within the group or allocation of non group members. All allocations in these bays will be confirmed upon receipt of the membership card.
    8. Payment of membership must be made at time of receipt of application form by MVFC and only if the Club is unable to meet your request for membership category or seating allocation after a purchase has been made only then will the Club honour the refund.
    9. Concession: To qualify for a concession membership, you must be the holder of one of the following forms of identification and must produce identification at point of entry into a Melbourne Victory home game venue while using your membership to gain entry: Concession: 1. Individuals with a pension, healthcare card or proof from Centrelink or Department of Veteran Affairs. 2. Full time students over the age of 17 years, as of July 1, 2019.
    10. Student: Students must be under the age of 17 as of July 1, 2019.
    11. Junior: 4-14 years of age. Must be under the age of 14 as of July 1, 2019.
    12. Infant: 0-3 years of age as of July 1, 2019. Do not require a ticket to enter the stadium providing he/she does not occupy a seat and sits on parent/guardian’s lap.
    13. Family: Two adults and up to two juniors/students, 17 years of age or under as of July 1, 2019.
    14. Access to the social club with location of this post match function to be promoted through all membership communication. Members must present their 2019/20 membership card upon request and if you cannot produce your 2019/20 membership card, you will not be granted free admittance and will be requested to pay the entry fee.
    15. MVFC are not responsible for membership cards that are lost, stolen or destroyed. Lost membership cards must be reported immediately to Member Services on 1300 466 832 (Ext. 2) and a replacement card will be issued. Please note that the charge of $15.00 will be applied. On game day membership cards cannot be replaced, and if a temporary ticket is required a fee will be incurred.
    16. It is a member’s responsibility to bring their membership card on match day to access the stadium. If you do not have your membership card to access a match, membership services will be present on game day to assist until 15 minutes after kick off. You must provide personal identification to access a replacement ticket. Active Area members can only be provided with a General Admission ticket and will not be able to access the Active Area without their membership card.
    17. Any person seeking a refund must do so in writing, addressed to the Membership Manager. By doing so, the member’s request will be taken in to consideration, however they are not guaranteed a refund. Members will need to return their core membership pack and membership card to the Club before a refund is processed. Members who utilise their membership for one (1) or more match-day entry will be refused a refund.
    18. Any membership cancellation must be requested prior to the commencement of the season to qualify for a refund, this includes Auto12 members. From the commencement of the season there will be no refunds of membership payments. Any cancellation request after this date, must be made in writing. Cancellation of memberships is at the sole discretion of the Club.
    19. Members are required to notify the Club of any change in circumstance, including the issuing or withdrawal of concession status; member contact details; or any relevant information that could affect their membership of the Melbourne Victory.
    20. All membership fulfilment is strictly limited and replacement options will not be guaranteed as there will be no re-ordering should all stock be depleted.
    21. The stadium map for all Melbourne Victory home games are subject to change, these are made upon consultation with the venue. The Club will endeavour to advise all members of these changes.
    22. All Junior member upgrade packages (Victory Baby Membership, Little Striker, Generation V and Victory Army) will receive a personalised birthday card within a month of their birth date as registered with the Club. This is provided the membership pack has been purchased at least one month prior to the birth date of the member. If the membership pack is purchased within a month of the birth date, the birthday card will been sent the following year.
    23. The 2019 members-only loyalty scarf given to all members every season is based on the members’ consecutive years of financial memberships. Members can query their years of membership by contacting the Member Services on 1300 466 832, however the final decision is at the discrepancy of the Membership Manager.
    24. If a member has special needs, and holds a state issued Companion card, the member is eligible to receive a second membership, of the same category as they purchase, at no charge. This membership can then be used by a carer when attending football matches with the member.
    25. When attending FFA sanctioned matches or A-league functions or events supported by the FFA and/or Club/s, members of MVFC must abide by policies set-out by venues in relation to attitude and behaviour. Any incident reports received by officials will be dealt with in an appropriate manner, and the Club reserves the right to immediately cancel a membership at its own discretion based on violations incurred by members.
    26. AAMI Park Stadium Map – Due to the difficulty in accurately classifying any seat at the AAMI Park as “undercover”, even though there is a roof overhead in some sections of the ground, patrons cannot be guaranteed protection from the elements. As a guide however, all seats marked row D on level 1 are considered the drip-line.
    27. Marvel Stadium Map – The configuration of Marvel Stadium will be determined by the formation of the first level. This season, we expect the seating to be in rectangular configuration for some matches, however this is subject to change. This has been enabled at the discretion of the stadium management and should there be any unforeseen circumstances whereby the stadium management are unable to provide the rectangular formation on level 1, the Club will advise members through member communication.
    28. 2019/20 FFA Finals Series including Grand Final – All Premium-PLUS, Premium-12, General Admission (inclusive of 5-game and Country-Interstate) and Supporter membership holders are given the opportunity to purchase a ticket during the FFA managed priority period for the finals series that Melbourne Victory competes in.
    29. Finals matches are administered by the FFA and the member’s priority access period and entitlement is at the discretion of the governing body. This priority period is an opportunity given to members to purchase ticket/s to the game before the general public. This priority access period is also extended to the members of the other competing club.
    30. Reserved seat members will be unable to retain their current reserved seat for the finals series.
    31. Transferability: all membership cards (except Active Area memberships) are fully transferable, as long as the recipient is of the same age category, or less. An Adult membership can be passed on to an Adult, Concession, Student or Junior. A Junior membership can only be passed on to a Junior.
    32. Melbourne Victory membership cards do not allow access into away games. For all away games, tickets must be purchased separately.
    33. a) The 12-month instalment program commences on June 28, 2019. For members on the monthly payment plan option, the first payment includes a $13.00 administration fee plus the amount that is dependant upon when you join, followed by equal monthly instalments to be paid on the 28th of each month from that point onwards.
      b) When it comes time to renew for the next season, we’ll allow you to confirm any membership changes and offer upgrade options, before your membership automatically rolls over, with the same Auto12 renewal option.
      c)Members will be given 14 days notice, in writing, of any membership changes for the following year and will have the opportunity to opt-out prior to the new seasons payment in the following year (June 28, 2020).
      d) If there are insufficient funds in your account, the bank will reject our deduction. Any fees associated with the rejection or overdrawing on your account is the responsibility of the paying cardholder. We will notify you of the rejection via a courtesy call, email, SMS or letter and if your account is not settled, your membership will expire and the recovery procedure will commence and recovery charges may apply.
      e) If you have a change in account details please call Member Services. We ask that you allow 10 working days to effect change.
      f) All credit card details will be kept strictly confidential and are used for instalment payments only.
      g) It is your responsibility to ensure that: (a) the account details you have provided are correct and include notification should the expiry date change (b) you have sufficient clear funds available in the nominated account, on the scheduled drawing date.
      h) The Club has the right to commence recovery procedures for any outstanding amount. Any costs associated with the recovery procedure will be added to the membership fee debt.
  3. Limitation of liability
    1. If the Club is liable to you for any:
      1. breach by the Club of any express term of this Agreement;
      2. breach by the Club of any term implied into this Agreement under the general law; or
      3. any tort committed by the Club (including negligence but not including fraud),
    2. Club reserves the right to cancel membership at any time if, in Club’s opinion, a member engages in disruptive behaviour which is deemed prejudicial, or likely to be prejudicial, to the interests or reputation to the game, Club, FFA, or any of their sponsors. Disruptive behaviour may include any attempted or actual act or omission by a person that constitutes a breach of the Terms of Admission, Stadium Conditions of Entry or Spectator Code of Behaviour; or behaviour that jeopardises, or has the potential to jeopardise, the safety or security of a Match.
  4. Privacy
    1. The information you provide to the Advanced Services shall be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Club’s Privacy available by clicking here.
  5. General
    1. The Club may choose not to enforce a term of this Agreement in some cases in its absolute discretion without affecting its right to enforce that term in other cases, including by replacing tickets (except forged tickets) if you can demonstrate proof or purchase and identity acceptable to the Club.
    2. All dates, times, participating teams and venues of Matches are as specified on the from time to time and may change without notice to you.
    3. This Agreement:
      1. is governed by the law applicable in the state of Victoria and each party submits to the jurisdiction of the courts of that state; and
      2. is the entire agreement between Club and you in respect of its subject matter and supercedes any prior agreement, representation or promotional material.
  6. Inclement Weather Policy
    1. The Club will always consider all information at hand before implementing a policy to protect the welfare of coaches, players and fans from extreme weather conditions and this policy will differ at each stadium.
    2. At AAMI Park this policy may involve or include the use of umbrellas at any time during the match or the installation of a roof cover over the coach and player benches, prior to the match commencing. The implementation of this policy means that some patrons may experience viewing restrictions due to the proximity of their seat, due to the location and height of the roof installed.

In this Agreement: FFA means Football Federation Australia Limited ABN 28 106 478 068, which is the national governing body of Football in Australia. Hyundai A-League means the national club competition to be staged by FFA from 2005 to be known as the Hyundai A-League (or a name as otherwise notified by FFA). Mailing Address means the mailing address as nominated by you on your Form or as varied by written notification to the Club. Match means a match in the Hyundai A-League in which the Club’s team participates in at the date, time and venue and against the opposing team as specified on from time to time, but excludes the Finals Series and any other match, competition or tournament staged or sanctioned by FFA. Tickets mean any ticket allocations to Matches that form part of the membership benefits.